29th January 2022

"#COVID19 #Variant #Mutations"

V6 News Telugu team speaks to Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head #InfectiousDiseases and #PublicHealth, #SHAREINDIA on #COVID19 variants and its mutations.

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24th January 2022

#COVID19 can be constrained with the "2 Vs": #Ventilation and #Vaccination says Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi

In a virtual event organized by the #JanaVignanaVedika on #Corona third phase and the #Omicron variant, Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head - #InfectiousDiseases and #PublicHealth, #SHAREINDIA said that in #hospitals where there is no proper ventilation corona spreads. Stating that it is one of the reasons that even #doctors wearing #N95 are infected with the COVID-19 virus. Although the #Omicron #variant is less severe in comparison to the #Delta variant but highly contagious, everyone needs to be vigilant.

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10th January 2022

"Emergence of Omicron and options to address the Pandemic"

The American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin invited Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA to speak at the 15th AAPI - Global Health Care Summit - 2022 on the emergence of variants of COVID 19, WHY, HOW and WHAT, an explanation of the emergence of Omicron and options to address the pandemic. The summit was organized at AVASA Hotel from 05-07 January, 2022 .

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03rd January 2022

Dr Rounik Talukdar, Surveillance Consultant, SHARE INDIA published an article on the Relevance of developing public health service cadres alongside a more prevention oriented Indian health system: an overview, in the International Journal of Community Medicine and Public Health.

The details of this writing can be found through the link below.


21st December 2021

"What we need to know about #omicronvariant"

An informative talk on Omicron by Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA.

Do follow the link below to follow Dr Yeldandi's simple advice on managing the virus through this brief video.


19th October 2021

A Collaborative Effort – Visit of CDC and SHARE INDIA to King George Hospital, Visakhapatnam.

A team representing CDC India and SHARE INDIA visited the King George Hospital for two days to provide technical assistance and strengthen the Infection Prevention and Control activities in Government hospitals as per the guidelines of Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR) and National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), New Delhi. Dr Siromany Valan, CDC; Dr Prashant Vennela, SHARE INDIA and Ms. Sailaja, SHARE INDIA participated in this visit.

The team observed various departments in the institution and studied the measures taken to prevent infections caused in the background of COVID-19 pandemic and other infections in the hospital. The team met the Medical Superintendent, Dr P. Maithili, Hospital, Infection Prevention and Control committee members, and the Resident Medical Officer and suggested appropriate measures for prevention of infections and providing quality health care services to the patients.

05th October 2021

It was an honor for Dr. Shikha Dhawan, Director Programs, SHARE INDIA and Board Member, UNION's TB and Migration Working Group to be invited to chair an online webinar hosted by the Union TB and Migration group on 23rd September 2021 on: Challenges and achievements for International Organization for Migration (IOM) Health Delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic.

IOM currently operates health assessment centres and 30 laboratories across Africa, Asia and Middle East. These laboratories and health centres have been re-purposed and capacity developed to provide COVID-19 testing for the United Nations (UN) staff and their dependents as part of the UN first line of defense. IOM is developing mechanisms to support the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines through these structures. This has required extensive retraining and credentialing of staff in the provision of both diagnostic and clinical services.

Dr Christopher Gilpin, the Global Laboratory Coordinator, at Migration Health Division (MHD) for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), Geneva along with his Regional Laboratory Coordinators based in Nairobi and Bangkok discussed some of the challenges and achievements for IOM in the establishment and provision of COVID-19 health services during the pandemic.

The webinar included:
  • Overview of IOM's response to the pandemic and repurposing our network of diagnostic facilities to provide COVID-19 testing for UN staff and other groups supporting national responses – Dr Christopher Gilpin
  • Challenges and complexity of implementing the high-throughput Thermofisher system for the detection of COVID-19 in multiple settings across Africa – Mr. Levan Gagnidze
  • Improving laboratory quality: The COVID-19 pandemic provided an opportunity to strengthen IOM's laboratory capacity through enhanced implementation of quality management system towards laboratory accreditation – Dr Pamela Hepple
  • Discussion and questions

27th September 2021

Dr Satish Kaipilyawar spoke eloquently on “How small things in the built environment can solve public health problems” at an Online Webinar on Built Environment and Public Health: The Rediscovery of Light and Ventilation organized by School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi on 15th September 2021. Beginning with his journey in Infection Control and Prevention in the year 2008 to this day in 2021 he emphasized on how to establish an infection control unit, training the unit, implementing the designed activities, being result oriented, overcoming challenges, learning lessons during the journey, monitoring and measuring success, scaling-up and in conclusion stated that a dedicated infection control unit is the need of the hour in these unprecedented times of the #COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Satish Kaipilyawar is an Associate Project Director for Project STAR, SHARE INDIA.

Get more insights on the presentation by following the link: https://youtu.be/GKA0kbTcCXM

16th September 2021

Vaccine alone cannot beat the virus. The need of the hour is an integrated public health approach driven by Non-Pharmacological interventions, Detection and treatment with compassion. Building on scientific evidence and anecdotal experiences, Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA prescribes a holistic approach for an effective response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read this piece published in the InOrder (Strengthening systems to secure health) –http://www.inorder.in/policy-paper/controlling-covid-19-metaphysical-ruminations/

14th September 2021

A presentation of Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA titled “COVID-19: A Special Tribute to COVID-19 Healthcare Heroes” was featured in the Scientific Journal of the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (JAAPI).

Please find Insights of the brief presentation in the Scientific Journal through the below link. JAAPI-Summer-2021.pdf

02nd August 2021

As the COVID-19 continues to affect communities, Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA speaks on how to know the signs and symptoms of the new variants and how we can do our part in preventing and managing COVID-19.

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01st July 2021

Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) organized an event on the occasion of National Doctor's Day celebrated on 01st July 2021 to recognize the efforts of doctors who are working in DCHC, COVID laboratories, Testing centres, COVID Vaccination centres, UPHC, Zonal Medical Officer and representatives from NGOs who supported NMC during COVID-19.

SHARE INDIA is proud of the contribution of Dr Tikesh Bisen, Project Manager, SHARE INDIA who was felicitated by the Honorable Commissioner and Honorable Mayor of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation which has been aligned to this year's theme for National Doctors' Day 2021: The COVID-19 pandemic has once again reminded us about the contributions and sacrifices made by doctors and healthcare workers around the globe.

28th June 2021

​We at SHARE INDIA are committed to contribute in these unprecedented times of the #COVID-19 pandemic. It is our endeavor to reach out to the most vulnerable in our communities.

SHARE INDIA has extensively contributed to #COVID-19 responses in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Mumbai and Uttarakhand in India.​

Inpatient Care of SHARE INDIA's COVID-19 responses Report-19

14th June 2021

Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA was invited by the American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin to speak at a Virtual Seminar titled “COVID-19: A Special Tribute to COVID 19 Healthcare Heroes” on 14th June, 2021.

Insights of the Seminar can be viewed using the below link. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfG-eqI_lfo&t=3s

01st June 2021

Under the leadership of NACO, a virtual session was organized by the Centre of Excellence, Vijayawada, APSACS in collaboration with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and SHARE INDIA on 01st June, 2021

Topic: #COVID-19 Vaccination among the PLHIV.

Expert Didactic by: Dr Ramesh Reddy Allam, Public Health Specialist, CDC India

Moderator: Dr B. Ravi Kumar, Associate Project Director – Project NISCHIT, SHARE INDIA

Please find the insights of the session on the below link

04th May 2021

Dr Shikha Dhawan, Ph.D., PGDM, Director Programs, SHARE INDIA work has been recognized by The Union for her contribution on TB and COVID-19 in Migrants – The Need to Focus on Both Conditions.

Further insights on the paper are given in the below link.

30th April 2021

Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi shares three studies on COVID-19 Care Strategy, Inpatient Care of COVID-19 and COVID-19 Myths and Realities. The details of the studies can be sought in the below links.

1. Inpatient Care of COVID-19
2. COVID-19 Myths and Realities
3. COVID-19 Care Strategy

29th April 2021

Insights by renowned Dr Vijay Yeldandi's interview on #COVID-19 with Nava Telangana Bureau, Hyderabad.

Dr Yeldandi reiterated that:
  • Clean air is an immediate necessity
  • COVID-19 can be checked with Oximeters and not so costly medicines, which can reduce the number of serious cases
  • Any vaccine is good

People are scared of Coronavirus infection. It is the fear that is more troublesome than the disease for the people. At the same time, the messages that float on social media are scary and people are unable to distinguish what is scientifically correct/true and what is false. Added to this, the propaganda from the Pharma industry and private hospitals are creating chaos. Vaccines are available now to fight against the Covid -19 which has threatened mankind for more than a year. However, many doubts about the vaccines are making people

confused. Already voluntary organizations like Chaitanya COVID-19 are creating awareness among the masses. As part of this campaign, Chaitanya took up a programme with eminent Infectious diseases specialist Dr Vijay Yeldandi. In this context, Dr Vijay gave a special interview to Mr. Prem Kumar.

Clean air is necessary:

In the present scenario, people should focus on clean air, clean hands, and a clean environment. Particularly as the virus is spreading fast through the air, people living in closed and compact homes should be careful as if any one member in the family is infected, the virus can infect all other members. Importantly, people should avoid air conditioning and opt for free flow of air to ensure there is plenty of clean air, clean hands, and a clean environment.

Immunity is important:

Any infection, whether it is bacteria or virus, its effects, and the fight depends on the immune system response. Therefore, older people are surviving, and younger ones are collapsing. Some people have TLR 7 mutation by birth and these people are more likely to die.

Remdesivir does give any guarantee:

There are no proven standards that life is saved with Remdesivir. Drugs that are not costly are enough to treat. People with more than 94% oxygen need not worry. At the field level, all the ANMs and AASHA workers should be given oximeters to test people regularly. Providing dexamethasone to the needy will prevent the necessity to provide oxygen. Doctors shall tell the truth to the people regarding Remdesivir. Government should implement the COVID-19 treatment protocol. Everybody does not require a CT scan and need to go to the hospital. Usage of vitamin D, Vitamin C and Zinc in excess is also not correct. There is no need to get panicky with Corona. Majority people having more than 94% oxygen can stay at home and use minimum medicines for treatment.

Any vaccine is good:

Any vaccine is permitted for use only after it is tested and proven to be effective. It is always good to take vaccines for prevention. Instead of waiting for the right vaccine, it is better to get vaccinated with the currently available one. Generally, vaccination should be done when there is no infection/disease. The same applies to the COVID-19 vaccine also. If people take a vaccine when they are infected, it will be difficult to identify whether the person is affected by the virus or with the vaccine. Vaccination is always good. When 77 million people got vaccinated only 600 were infected with the virus.

Pregnant women need not panic:

The Government of India is not having data on how pregnant women are affected by the COVID-19 vaccine. Therefore, they are presently exempted from the vaccine. It does not mean pregnant women who are vaccinated earlier are to panic. There is no Global evidence to suggest that pregnant women are affected with COVID-19 vaccination. Presently Corona wave is continuing. There is not the first or second wave. It is very common among viruses that there will be mutations and variants. The characteristic of the fast spread of COVID-19 is the root cause of the present pandemic.

Difficulties with Lock down:

In the earlier Lockdown period, People living with HIV (PLHIV) and TB patients had faced enormous problems as they did not get medicines on time. Migrant workers lost employment and were on the roads. People should wear masks and maintain physical distance. It might take a year or so to get all people in India vaccinated for COVID-19. It is not enough to produce the vaccine, there should also be a system for its distribution. All these logistics will take time. It will not happen overnight. Until such time, people should have self-control.

Alcoholics will have problems:

Smokers and alcoholics will have a weak immune response. Therefore, there is the possibility that Corona will show more effect on them. It will be good for all these people to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine will work as strongly as our immune response system. Alcoholics will have a poor immune response from the beginning. Therefore, vaccine effect will also be as much in them.

21 April 2021

Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA shares his thoughts on “How to fight with the New #COVID-19 Infection”.

For further insights on the discussion follow the Video

18th April 2021

Dr Vijay V. Veldandi, MD, FACP, FCCP, FIDSA – Head, Infectious Diseases & Public Health, SHARE INDIA was invited to speak on the “Preventive Measures to stop the COVID-19 Spread” by Jana Vignana Vedika, Medchal at the “Demographic Forum Telangana State Webinar” on 18th April 2021.
The Webinar was presided by the management of the Committee: Dr Ande Satyam-JVV TS President, R Varaprasad-JVV TS General Secretary and A. Suresh Kumar-JVV TS Health Sub Committee Convener.

Follow the link below for further insights from the Webinar.

11th April 2021

Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Head Infectious Diseases and Public Health, SHARE INDIA was invited to speak at a Seminar on 11th April 2021 organized by the Telangana Government to speak on “The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Discussion on Facts and FAQs.”

For further insights on the discussion follow the Video

25th January 2021

A case story on the commendable work carried out by our Outreach Workers under the able leadership of Project NISCHIT during the National Lockdown, features on the “Express Healthcare”. You may click the below link for the detailed “Case Story”.

25th September 2020

The End MDR TB Dharavi project –#Successstory7

Breaking the language barrier to ensure access to MDR-TB treatment and preventing loss to follow-up (LTFU)

Narayan Shankar (name changed) from Tamil Nadu was initiated on MDR TB treatment regimen in April'2020. Narayan was staying with his friend in Dharavi and making a living by selling tender coconut water. His business came to a standstill when the pandemic struck and as his only source of income was cut. He left for his hometown, Tirunelveli district with TB medicine stock of two months.

SHARE INDIA's Field Coordinator (FC), Darshana, took a proactive approach and collected Narayan's alternate contact details and native address when the lockdown was announced. She does this exercise for all her migrating patients who have a high probability to be “lost to follow up”.

Darshana contacted the patient's alternate number and ensured that he had approached the nearest health facility in his hometown for his medicine stock, and his treatment is continuing. In the subsequent month, the native health worker informed him that he would require to take a transfer from Mumbai to his native place to get continuous stock of medication. Darshana pitched in to support Narayan in this ordeal and realized that he wanted to return to Dharavi when travel restrictions are lifted.

She facilitated a teleconference to link the TB Health worker in Dharavi and Narayan's native Tirunelveli. Our FC overcame the language barrier as the health worker spoke only in Tamil and enabled the conversation between them. This helped the health worker understand Narayan's concern and supplied him with an additional stock of medicines for one month to sustain him until his return to Dharavi.

Narayan was overwhelmed with the support received from Darshana and looks forward to getting back to Dharavi to resume his coconut business, for Mumbai calls him their very own ‘'nariyal pani wala''.

Dedicated to Ms Darshana for her proactive efforts and overcoming language barriers for continuous treatment adherence.

31st August 2020

The End MDR TB Dharavi project – #Successstory6

Ensuring family support and patient motivation for Drug-resistant TB Treatment adherence support

It had been a year and Salim's (name changed) TB treatment follow-up reports were still positive. Disheartened, he abruptly stopped his TB drugs in May'2020. In time he received support from Shashikant, our very own pro-active field coordinator (FC) from SHARE INDIA.

Shashikant dedicated his time and efforts by consistently following-up with Salim. He immediately updated the TB programme staff about his interactions with Salim, and followed-up for the required blood test and audiometry (a test for hearing ability) to re-start his treatment.

Shashikant faced resistance from Salim, as he was unwilling to take the tests and hence stopped taking our FC's calls. Undeterred, Shashikant continued his calls to Salim and his family, to help them understand that a positive culture report meant that he was still infectious and could infect them. He persistently motivated Salim and his family that by restarting treatment, he could be free from TB.

Finally, Shashikant's patience and determination paid off! Salim undertook the required tests and initiated his treatment regimen. A distressed Salim received what was needed; “Support, Assurance and Motivation”.

Shashikant was glad that his relentless efforts not only helped Salim but his entire family who were at risk to contract TB!

Dedicated to Mr Shashikant, Field Coordinator, SHARE INDIA; for his relentless efforts and for going beyond his call of duty.

20th August 2020

The End MDR TB Dharavi project –#Successstory5

Preventing Lost to follow-up due to Migration & supporting Adherence to TB treatment#savinglives

A regular phone call from our very own field worker (FW) Ms Komal, SHARE INDIA to Ramcharan (name changed), a DR TB patient from Dharavi showed a glimpse of his health condition, loss of job and income due to COVID-19 lockdown. Unable to pay the house rent and a large family to care for, he left for his hometown, Khandala, Maharashtra, without informing the NTEP programme staff.

Limited medicine stock for only 4 to 5 days left him bewildered, but Komal counselled and guided him to reach to the nearest health centre in his hometown and in the meanwhile informed the Dharavi NTEP staff about Ramcharan's migration.

With her support, Ramcharan visited the health centre in his village and received his medication sufficient for a few days. She went the extra mile and put all her efforts in coordinating with TB staff at Dharavi, to check for any possibility to transfer excess drugs at his village, as Ramcharan is still at his village.

With no immediate plans to shift back to Dharavi, Komal is ensuring his drug adherence and follow-up tests. We at SHARE INDIA are proud of field worker's like Komal who intervene at the right time to guide, motivate and encourage patients with the uninterrupted treatment regimen and follow-up.

Dedicated to Ms Komal, FW, SHARE INDIA for ensuring continues TB drug adherence to Ramcharan.

10th August 2020

The End MDR TB Dharavi project – #Successstory4

Ensuring Support for our TB Patient on the Road to Recovery#savinglives

Dinanath Chauhan (name changed) and his family along with his mother and brother live in a tiny one-room home in Kala Killa in Dharavi.

One phone call from Mr Siddhesh Khetale to, our ORW at SHARE INDIA Dharavi ‘End MDR TB Dharavi Project', revealed the dire need of Dinanath and his family. Not only was Dinanath diagnosed as a failure of MDR regimen in 2019 and started on a regimen for XDR TB his brother also developed MDR TB. Dinanath's wife and mother were selling vegetables to support the family, but unfortunately due to the lockdown, their only source of income also vanished. Supporting the needs of the children was a mounting concern.

Over time the condition of Dinanath deteriorated drastically and he could barely walk, due to severe knee joint pain and was diagnosed with TB of his knee joints. Surgery was the only option as per his doctors. His dire financial situation delayed the surgery, but for fear of losing time, his family borrowed money for surgery, as neither he nor his brother was in a position to work. Thankfully the surgery went well and Dinanath started walking with the help of crutches.

Access to basic needs continued to be a challenge; he needed adequate food due to his TB regimen. Local donors who provided one-time meals to the families affected by the lockdown did not suffice.

Our ORW Siddhesh took on the responsibility to assist Dinanath and connected the family to NGO SNEHA and Drona Trust who supported them with fresh fruits and vegetables for a week and groceries for a month. Our ORW is striving to support Dinanath complete his treatment regimen and help him on the “Road to Recovery”.

Dedicated to Mr Siddhesh, ORW, SHARE INDIA for ensuring continues support to Dinanath.

04th August 2020

SHARE INDIA selected as one of the trial sites for PHASE III vaccine trials in India Serum Institute gets nod for Oxford vaccine trials.

This would make the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine – called Covishield – the first one to enter phase II and III trials in India.
To ensure that Phase III trials can start on vaccines that are in advanced preclinical or in early clinical stages, the department of biotechnology has already created five trial sites across the country and is working on preparing six more. Each of the trial sites will provide access to cohorts of 50,000 to 100,000 people. The sites are INCLEN Trust International, Haryana; KEM Vadu, Pune; Christian Medical College, Vellore; Society for Health Allied Research Education (SHARE), Hyderabad; and National Institute of Epidemiology, Tirunelveli.

To learn on the vaccine trials, follow the link at

The End MDR TB Dharavi project- #Successstory3

Enhancing the Quality of Life among TB patients#savinglives

Amit (name changed) was in a coma for 2 months after an accident in August'2019. He was put on ventilator support, miraculously improved and was eventually discharged from the hospital. However, he developed fever, cough and chest congestion and his deteriorating condition needed immediate medical intervention again.

He was diagnosed with Multi-Drug Resistant (MDR) TB in December'2019. His anti-TB treatment was started and due to the sudden lockdown in March'2020; Ms Darshana (ORW, SHARE INDIA) took charge to ensure of his sufficient drug stock and adherence.

Darshana received a distress call from Amit's family a month back. He was having a ringing sensation in his ear and severe joints pain. Our ORW immediately consulted doctors and coordinated his referral to the nearest TB hospital. Amit suffered from severe drug side-effects.

He narrowly escaped the permanent hearing loss with a vigilant Darshana by his side. Knowing his family's economic condition, she also activated her network for nutritional support for Amit from the NGO, SNEHA.

We are proud of Darshana for saving Amit from a permanent hearing loss and that she could play a significant role to enhance the ‘Quality of Life' for Amit.

Dedicated to Ms Darshana Bangera, ORW, SHARE INDIA for constantly enhancing the lives of TB patients at Dharavi.

28th July 2020

The End MDR TB Dharavi project –#Successstory2

Going the Extra Mile#savinglives

Hello Sakina……..its Padmaja!

Padmaja rang up Sakina Banu (name changed), who lives in Dharavi and is taking anti-TB treatment. Although it was a routine call for Padmaja for being an active ORW of SHARE INDIA, what she was about to hear, was heart-rending.

“My sister died from TB”, were the first words of Sakina. The family had lost their income resources due to COVID-19 lockdown. She along with her mother and brother were dependent on a nearby mosque for a daily one-time meal. A portion of the meal was saved for Sakina's dinner so that she doesn't consume her TB medications on an empty stomach.

By the time the phone call was over with a promise to help, Padmaja knew of her immediate action!

She connected with NGO SNEHA and Deeniyat Trust and coordinated the supply of food provisions, vegetables and fruits for Sakina's family. While the supply was sufficient to ensure food for a month, Padmaja was certain to see Sakina adhere to her anti-TB course.

Padmaja went above and beyond the call of duty; for she is dedicated to her work. We are proud of our association, for we believe in “One Health”.

Dedicated to Ms Padmaja Chavan, ORW, SHARE INDIA; who indeed walked that “extra mile” to “save a life”.

23rd July 2020

The End MDR TB Dharavi project –#Successstory1

From the Not so Routine Life of our ORW#savinglives

During his routine interactions, Mr. Shashikant Tambe, our Outreach Worker (ORW) working with SHARE INDIA under the ‘End MDR TB Dharavi Project' telephoned Mr Ramdas (name changed). Ramdas was taking anti-TB pills for a complicated TB disease. Our ORW wanted to enquire about Ramdas's health and medicine stocks, who was already deeply concerned about his young children, especially the health of his mentally challenged daughter.

Our ORW realized about Ramdas's deteriorating health, decided to intervene and immediately shifted him to the hospital for treatment and care. This followed by subsequent calls to the health staff caring for Ramdas, to consistently learn about his health.

“By God's grace and your support, I am alive today!”, acknowledged Ramdas to our ORW while getting discharged from the hospital on 28th May 2020. Shashikant was over-whelmed with joy! His timely efforts proved fruitful and prevented an untimely end of a precious life. Ramdas promised to provide his daughter with appropriate care to see her stand to her feet one day.

However, he was still faced with yet another challenge. “The Lockdown”, which deprived Ramdas of his painting contracts and his health did not permit him to take up any laborious job. Our ORW decided to help him again, although it was not under his job description. On humanitarian grounds, he networked with an NGO, SNEHA to support Ramdas and his family with groceries and vegetables.

Alas, Ramdas echoed that he never expected so much support! Till this day our very own ORW, Shashikant cherishes this experience and is humbled to intervene at the right time to save the life of Ramdas.

17th July 2020

The evolving concepts of COVID-19

Dr Vijay V Yeldandi, Specialist in Infectious Diseases & Public Health; Patron, SHARE INDIA, providing an insightful session on the evolving concepts of COVID-19. Session moderator: Dr Vishwanath Gella, Director, Pulmonary Medicine, AIG Hospitals and Dr Jagadeesh Kumar, Sr. Consultant, Internal Medicine, AIG Hospitals.

Please check the video to gain insight into the thought-provoking session

26th June 2020

Strive to Support Lives in these Unprecedented Times

SHARE INDIA collaborated with the Mumbai City TB Office, PATH and the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention India to build the capacity of our Out-Reach Workers for The End MDR TB Dharavi project. The team has continued to strive and excel in these unprecedented times and have adapted to the virtual training methodology. The listed patients were supported virtually post-training and it has been a gratifying experience to save lives and improve the quality life of those affected with TB.

Dr Pranita Tipre, DEHO & CTO, MCGM addressing the participants during the training

'SmartHeart Pro' point of care ECG machine

22nd June 2020

Epidemiologists at SHARE INDIA and Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, develop a methodology to use Agent-Based Modelling to project the possible impact of the SARS CoV-2 epidemic under multiple scenarios to allow for more responsive health system initiatives.

To gain insights into the research study, follow the link at   https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.06.04.20121848v1

11th June 2020

SHARE INDIA's continuous HIV-TB online training initiative

National Initiative to Strengthen & Collaboration between HIV-TB through e-Learning (e-NISCHIT)

Topic: Airborne Infection Control at Antiretroviral (ART) Centers

Didactic by: Dr Upasna Agarwal; Head, Dept. of Internal Medicine & In-Charge ART and ICTC Centre, National Institute of TB & Respiratory Diseases (NITRD), New Delhi

Moderator: Dr Vandana Dabla, SHARE INDIA

To gain insights on the training, log into the below link  https://youtu.be/DEDUk72i1PQ

27th May 2020

Support through Virtual Outreach


How are you?
A phone call is all that it takes!
Our peers are important to us. We regularly connect with them to enquire their well-being and uninterrupted delivery of ART services.

In the face of #COVID-19, SHARE INDIA is supporting the Government's response towards HIV patients by regular follow-up through phone-calls and the innovative arrangements made to ensure treatment adherence and retention during the lockdown.


25th May 2020

Caution from Corona Virus – More Care than Fear!

Dr Vijay V. Yeldandi, Epidemiologist, M.D, FACP, FCCP, FIDSA; Patron member of Science Health Allied Research Education (SHARE INDIA); Faculty Public Health Foundation of India spoke extensively on Monday – 25th May 2020 with Namaste Telangana stating that Government protocols must be followed, lockdown extension is not required and India is able to fight #COVID-19 due to the higher prevalence of youth in the country.

The Government should look at the economic development of the country and the livelihood of the people. He further advised that instead of anticipating when the vaccine will be invented it is better to practice physical distancing and masks should definitely be worn.

To gain further insights on Dr Vijay V Yeldandi's article follow the link at https://www.ntnews.com/telangana/no-end-to-lockdown-yet-but-careful-easing-begins-38821

18th May 2020

HIV Drug Dispensation to your DOORSTEP

Lockdown was needed in these unprecedented times! At the same time Adherence to HIV drugs! To your voice of how to travel to the ART centre…our response was, “We Shall Come to You”! SHARE INDIA is collaborating with APSACS and its partners in delivering HIV drugs to the DOORSTEPS of patients through its Outreach Warriors and Logistics Management.

#We Care For You.

12th May 2020

COVID-19 Epidemic Dynamics and Population Projections from Early Days of Case Reporting in a 40 million population from Southern India

Experts of the Abstract include Dr Vijay V Yeldandi, Dr Rashmi Pant and Dr Jammy Guru Rajesh from SHARE INDIA

Click here for More Info

12th May 2020

Strategy to Address the COVID-19 Epidemic

Prologue: As an Infectious diseases clinician, global health worker and a lifelong educator dedicated to “One Health” and social justice, I see the continuum of the health of my patient; the family and community in natural harmony with animals and the environment. The goal of “One Health” can be facilitated by adopting the paradigm of “Salutogenesis” literally the formation of health. Applied to individuals as well as populations, salutogenesis is arrived at through a participatory action strategy to ensure (1) Comprehension: A clear understanding of the health condition. (2) Capacity: An ability to cope with the health condition and (3) Capability: An ability to pursue a purposeful life, with autonomy and dignity. www.happenforonehealth.org

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09th May 2020

Assessment in Viral Load Lab, Tirupathi

COVID-19 Laboratory Testing is vital for its management and we understand this to the core! SHARE INDIA provided Technical assistance to assess the Readiness of the 10 Viral load (VL) laboratories and was instrumental in Operationalization of VL testing in Andhra Pradesh by February 2020 which will address the growing need of COVID-19 testing. Let us support our health system during these challenging times. We are in this together!

Assessment at the Viral Load Laboratory in Tirupathi

09th May 2020

Curtailing the COVID-19 Pandemic

SHARE INDIA facilitated a training of Laboratory personnel in the Viral Load laboratories by partnering with the National AIDS Control Organization (NACO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) on the use of Viral Load machine and assays to implement the testing process and curtail the COVID-19 pandemic.

Together our goal remains to Fast-track COVID-19 testing at the Viral Load laboratories by enhancing the skill-sets of the Laboratory personnel and the ART centres in Andhra Pradesh.

08th May 2020

Training on Laboratory Safety, Use of PPE & Infection Prevention & Control Practices for COVID-19 Testing in Andhra Pradesh (AP) 08th & 09th May 2020

As the COVID-19 outbreak intensifies across the globe and in India, the National AIDS Control Organization(NACO) collaborated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society (APSACS) and SHARE INDIA (SI) to equip Microbiologists, Technical Officers and Laboratory Personnel from Viral Load laboratories, HIV Counselling & Testing Services and ART centers to tackle this pandemic on “Laboratory safety, Use of PPE & Infection Prevention & Control practices”. This will set a new benchmark in COVID-19 testing in Andhra Pradesh as India has reached 1 million testing as on 02nd May 2020.

28th April 2020

Panel Discussion on COVID-19

SHARE INDIA experts, Dr Vijay Yeldandi and Dr Jammy Guru Rajesh in a Panel Discussion on “COVID 19 – Race to Respond against Pandemic & the Pre Screening Tool” organized by CME Master and Ai Highway held on 28th April 2020. Please visit the link below to follow the Panel Discussion on COVID-19.


22nd April 2020

Infection Prevention and Control measures at health facilities to minimise risk

When it becomes necessary for people with HIV to have access to HIV care & treatment on time, it is vital to support and promote using the best tools to fight the pandemic: Social-distancing, Re-aligning to fast-track patient flow and Face masks. We pledge to educate, encourage and support our health system to conquer this difficult time. SHARE INDIA in collaboration with APSACS and CDC supports the infection control at the ART centres in Andhra Pradesh.